Writing a Winning Evaluation Proposal (H14)

This workshop has been cancelled.


This workshop is based on an analysis of the 137 proposals Social Program Evaluators and Consultants, Inc. (or SPEC Associates) completed over the past 10 years. The workshop takes a fresh perspective on proposal writing – including but beyond the mechanics – involving situational analyses of the context of proposal writing. The workshop will use the findings from the analysis to examine reasons for winning, reasons for losing, and factors to consider when deciding to write a proposal.

Participants will think through why they should go after a proposal; how to make it complete and convincing; and how to summarize it effectively. Participants will: assess their own strengths, analyze proposal-writing invitations, use a logic model to assure proposal completeness, consider criteria for when to say ‘Yes’ to an invitation, and practice writing a 50-word abstract. This will be a hands-on, interactive session aimed at having each participant leave with at least one new insight they can use in their own proposal writing.


Melanie Hwalek and R. Natalie De Sole

Melanie Hwalek has been writing evaluation proposals for her organization, SPEC Associates, for more than 30 years.

Natalie De Sole has aided proposal writing at SPEC Associates during her three years working at SPEC Associates, and has two years of experience in fundraising and grant writing for non-profit organizations and progressive causes.

Workshop Level




Date and time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Alignment with CE Designation Competencies

  • Aware of self as an evaluator (knowledge, skills, dispositions) and reflects on personal evaluation practice (competencies and areas for growth)
  • Determines the purpose of the evaluation
  • Serves the information needs of intended users
  • Defines work parameters, plans and agreements
  • Uses written communication skills and technologies