Cultural Competence and Ethics in Evaluation (H9)


Evaluators working in contexts different from their own cultures are continually challenged to explore not only their practices, but also their beliefs and assumptions about evaluation. Evaluation ethics are codified by the Canadian Evaluation Society, but can appear in many different shapes and sizes. This workshop is not only about how to understand ethics and different cultures, but also to appreciate the intersection of cultural competence and ethical practice – how evaluators’ own beliefs about evaluation and programs they are evaluating influence evaluation design, execution, and communication in international and Canadian contexts. The workshop provides an interactive forum for exploring ethical challenges and cultural beliefs.


Heather Buchanan and Hubert Paulmer

Heather Buchanan, Jua Management Consulting, is an experienced educator who teaches in the graduate evaluation program at Carleton University and has taught at the UN Staff College. She has undertaken primary research on ethics in the Canadian evaluation context and presented on this subject at the Canadian Evaluation Conference and at the American Evaluation Conference.

Hubert Paulmer, Partner at Goss Gilroy Inc., brings practical experience/expertise on the importance of cultural competence to evaluation from completing assignments in 50 countries. He has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America in diverse cultural settings.

Workshop Level



Participants will benefit from this session if they have some experience conducting evaluations.

Date and time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Alignment with CE Designation Competencies

  • Acts ethically and strives for integrity and honesty
  • Considers human rights and the public welfare in evaluation practice
  • Provides independent and impartial perspective
  • Aware of self as an evaluator (knowledge, skills, dispositions) and reflects on personal evaluation practice (competencies and areas for growth)
  • Attends to issues of diversity and culture