I am a…


Q. One of my colleagues submitted a proposal on my behalf/I am participating in a colleague’s panel and I have not yet received a notification regarding this presentation. When can I expect a response?
A. Only the first author of each submission (i.e., usually the person who submitted the proposal) will receive a response. Please check with him/her.

Q. I am the first author and I have not yet received a response. When can I expect to be contacted?
A. All notifications (acceptance and non-acceptance) will be emailed by March 14, 2014. If you still have not received a response by then, please contact us via the conference website.

Q. Do I have to prepare materials in both English/French?
A. This is not necessary. The presentations and materials should be presented in the language in which the proposal was made. If you wish to provide materials in both languages, however, that is certainly welcome and appreciated.

Q. Do I need to register for the conference? Do my colleagues/co-presenters/panellists need to register for the conference?
A. Yes. All presenters, co-presenters, and panellists must register for the conference in order to present. This applies to those who are only planning on attending their session.

Q. Do presenters/co-presenters/panellists have discounted registration fees?
A. No, but you should take advantage of the early-bird registration fees if you are able to do so.

Q. Do I need to bring a USB key?
A. Yes. Please bring your presentation on a USB key. A facilitator or technician will be available to help set it up on the laptop and screen provided at the conference centre.

Q. Do I need to bring handouts?
A. No, this is not necessary. Bring lots of business cards to exchange with colleagues who may be interested in an electronic version of your presentation. You can also submit your presentation to the CES grey literature database before or after the conference.

Q. Will I receive further instructions from the conference organizing committee?
A. Yes. A document containing information regarding the delivery of quality presentations, containing tips and advice will be mailed out in April.

Q. How do I know which order I will be presenting in, out of all the presentations planned for my concurrent session?
A. The order of presentation is typically identified in the program. The electronic and printed program will provide this information.

Q. Who should I contact if I have any questions or require a change in scheduling?
A. Changes in the program will not be possible after mid-March, but please contact us via the conference website should you require more information or need to cancel your session.

Q. Are there general guidelines for presenters?
A. Yes. All presenters should review the Instructions to presenters.

Workshop Facilitator

Q. Do I need to register for the conference?
A. Yes; however, workshop facilitators receive a rebate on their conference fees, depending on whether they are delivering a full-day or half-day workshop. Please contact Megram for additional details on registration.

Workshop Participant

Q. Will I get my first workshop choice?
A. That depends on when you registered, whether you are a CES member in good standing, and how many people select the same workshop. We will do our very best to register all participants in their first choice, but we may need to slot you into your second or third choice.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?
A. Bring what you would normally bring to a training session; if other materials are required, the workshop facilitator will contact you prior to the conference and let you know.

Q. I only want to attend a workshop. Do I need to register for the whole conference?
A. Yes; only conference attendees may register for workshops. In the event that workshop spaces remain unfilled in the days leading up to the start of the conference, we may open up a few spaces to non-conference attendees; however, we cannot guarantee that all workshops will be available at that time or that there will be multiple spaces to fill.


Q. I have materials to bring/ship to the conference centre for my table. How do I proceed?
A. Please contact Golden Planners Inc. for one-on-one advice regarding your exhibit.

Q. Where will my table be located?
A. Exhibitors will be given space in the main lobby of the 2nd floor of the conference centre, near the registration/information desk and where refreshments will be served during breaks to ensure the highest possible traffic.

Q. Where will my logo be presented? Will it be in the program?
A. Our sponsorship options include many different levels and choices this year; please refer to your sponsorship form and/or contact the head of the sponsorship committee, Mr. Steve McKibbon.


Q. I would like to volunteer at the conference. How can I sign up?
A. Please complete this form.

Q. Do volunteers receive discounted registration rates?
A. Volunteers do not receive a discount on their registration rates but are encouraged to register at the early-bird rates.

Q. Where are out-of-town participants staying during the conference?
A. The conference hotel is the Lord Elgin. Please see the section on location for more information.

Q. Can I register for one day only?
A. No, this is not possible.

Q. I am international participant. Can you please send me an official invitation to the conference?
A. Your completed registration form and payment should be used for this purpose. No official invitation will be issued to participants.

Q. I am an evaluator in the federal public service. Would you have any tips on registration?
A. Yes. Please see our registration tips for federal evaluators.

Q. Will there be free wi-fi in the conference centre?
A. No, wi-fi access is not provided during the conference.

Q. Where can I find documents of presentations from the conference?
A. The presentations that have been shared with the Conference Communication team (c2014@evaluationcanada.ca) or with the CES webmaster (webmaster@evaluationcanada.ca) are saved in the CES Grey Literature Database.