Survey Research for Evaluation: Advanced Issues in Design and Implementation (H11)


Survey research is ubiquitous in evaluation. While this method is extremely flexible and highly useful, it raises a number of issues that need to be faced to ensure that results are useful to the evaluation process. Facilitators will structure a brief presentation of each topic and will frame the issues encountered as well as solutions they have identified in the literature and in their own practice. Participants will be expected to contribute with their own experience and examples, and to apply critical thinking throughout the seminar.

This session will review and discuss four advanced topics:

  • moving from the evaluation framework to the planning of a survey (operationalization of concepts, sampling, scales, budgeting);
  • making sure that the meaning of questions is shared (pretesting and translation);
  • approaches to enhancing response rates; and
  • assessing survey research conducted by others.


Benoît Gauthier and Simon Roy

Benoît Gauthier has been conducting surveys professionally for 30 years, first as a purchaser of survey research services in the public sector, then as a producer within the federal public service, and eventually as a supplier of survey research in the private sector. Over the past 10 years, Benoît has directed more than 250 assignments involving survey research. He has conducted survey research used in legal disputes. He has developed a principle-based framework to assess survey research.

Dr. Simon Roy, CE, has conducted over 60 evaluations since 1995. He has authored and co-authored many articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Roy has designed many surveys of national scope based on paper, fax, telephone and email formats. He co-authored the current CES Survey Course.

Workshop Level



Intermediate level of knowledge in program evaluation.
Intermediate level of knowledge of social science research methods, including surveys.

Date and time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Alignment with CE Designation Competencies

  • Defines evaluation methods
  • Develops reliable and valid measures/tools
  • Assesses validity of data
  • Assesses reliability of data
  • Assesses trustworthiness of data