Advanced approaches to developing evaluation frameworks (H7)


Quality evaluation frameworks are one of the key determining factors leading to successful evaluations. Apart from good logic models and appropriate evaluation issues, quality frameworks will include an appropriate strategy to address the evaluation issues, including issues of effectiveness, efficiency and economy. The best strategies will reflect an in-depth analysis of the available data, including its quality, and adapted methodologies that will allow the evaluators to gather evidence and assess the incremental impacts of programs, including optimal comparison strategies.

The purpose of this session will be to: review advanced techniques in identifying appropriate evaluation issues; assessing data availability and quality; and principles and techniques to identify the best evaluation strategies given the specific parameters of the program, purpose of evaluation and available information sources. Finally, the session will cover techniques in costing evaluation options.


Simon Roy and Benoît Gauthier

Dr. Simon Roy has conducted over 60 evaluations and developed over 25 evaluation frameworks since 1995. He has also taught program evaluation methods courses at Ottawa University several times since 2009. He has authored and co-authored many articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Roy published a chapter on case study methodologies in « Recherche sociale: de la problématique à la collecte des données ».

Mr. Benoît Gauthier has very strong experience in research, in academic, private and public settings. His involvement in more than 500 research and intervention assignments has allowed him to build a particular expertise in program evaluation, the measurement and management of client satisfaction, and other areas of applied research.

Workshop Level



Intermediate level of knowledge in program evaluation. Intermediate level of knowledge of social science research methods.

Date and time

Sunday, June 15, 2014
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Alignment with CE Designation Competencies

  • Understands the knowledge base of evaluation (theories, models, types methods and tools)
  • Determines program evaluability
  • Assesses trustworthiness of data
  • Attends to issues of evaluation feasibility
  • Identifies required resources (human, financial, physical)